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VOCATIO Newsletter Dec 2017

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  • Essay Judging
  • SAVO Christmas Party
  • Roman Holiday

VOCATIO Newsletter Nov 2017

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  • Savannah Vocations Road Trip
  • November Holy Hour
  • Vocation Essay Contest




October Thumbnail

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  • Sam Alzheimer Speaks in October
  • Happy Anniversary to Us!
  • Augusta Appreciation Supper
  • Over 200 Vocation Directors Gather in New Orleans



Thumbnail Sept 2017

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  • My Pilgrimage
  • Saint James; Catholic Church & School; Charging forward 60 Years



Thumbnail August

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  • Stephen Hill reflects on his first year at the Abbey
  • Reaching out on Social Media
  • We all have a duty to Evangelize





Thumbnail July

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  • A statue to honor the Mercy nuns
  • My Spanish Immersion Experience
  • Savannah Diocese Sister Nominated for Award




June 2017 Thumbnail

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  • Lourdes Pilgrimage
  • Meet Seminarian Will Cook
  • Pray for these Women on the Path to become Sisters of Mercy!



VOCATIO Thumbnail May 2017

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  • SAVO Ends!Year, Elects!New! Slate
  • Clergy and Religious Appreciation Supper a Big Success
  • Two Ordained as Deacons



Thumbnail April 2017

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  • 50 Years A Priest
  •  Transitional Diaconate Ordination of Chris Hassel and Patrick May
  •  Prayer and Holy Hour for World Day of Prayer for Vocations





Thumbnail VOCATIO Newsletter March 2017

pdfMar2017.pdf2.03 MB





pdfFeb2017.pdf1.9 MB

  • A Parent’s Journey
  •  Convent Crawl
  •  Essay Awards Presented in Augusta
  •  More Awards in Savannah, Valdosta and Richmond Hill




 pdfJan2017.pdf1 MB 

  • One can't make assumptions
  • Diocese of Savannah Vocations Essay Contest 2016
  • Pray for those who have given their lives in love to God


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VOCATIO Newsletter Dec 2016

pdfDec2016.pdf1.91 MB

  • It was a very good year
  • ‘Tis the Season
  • Jillison Parks made her definitive promise as a Discalced Carmelite Secular on Oct. 1, 2016

VOCATIo Newsletter November 2016

pdfNov2016.pdf3.08 MB

  • Holy Hour
  • Selecting the Vocation Essay Winners
  • Augusta Ministry Holds Annual Clergy and Religious Appreciation Dinner
  • The Bishop Gartland Service Award
  • Holiday Pie Sale to benefit the Carmelites in Savannah
  • Serviam: I will Serve



VOCATIO Newsletter Octobe 2016

pdfOct2016.pdf909.76 KB

  • Sister Georgette celebrates her 50th
  • Andrew Taylor Larkin, Diocese of Savannah seminarian, ordained to the Diaconate in Rome
  • Saints Murals Brighten Retreat and Pilgrimage
  • Priesthood Sunday




Thumbnail VOCATIO Newsletter Sept2016

pdfSept2016.pdf1.5 MB

  • SCAD student explains Catholic ministry on campus
  • Our Seminarians go to World Youth Day!
  • Sister Carolyn professes perpetual vows




Thumbnail 20Aug 202016

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  • “…and now she will be called Sister Kelly Ann”
  • Our Pilgrimage to Lourdes
  • MASS On a Stranded Ship




Voctio July 2016 

pdfJul2016.pdf3.47 MB

  • What is a Pastoral Year?
  •  It's Shadow a Priest Days again at St. James
  •  ISIS Destroys Iraq’s oldest Christian Monastery




VOCATIO Thumbnail June 2016

pdfJune2016.pdf1.71 MB

  • Thank You to All Who Serve the Lord
  • Our Prayers Have Been Answered
  • We have a Topic





pdfMay2016.pdf1.51 MB

  • The Old Year Ends. Getting Ready for the New
  •  Miriam Cortez–Cooper: Farewell to a Faithful Servant
  •  Fr. Kavanaugh Returns to Savannah
  •  Priestly Ordination: Brian O’Shaughnessy and John Wright




VOCATIO April 2016

pdfApr2016.pdf1.14 MB

  • Sister Pat Brown: Part of a Global Community
  • Vocations Summer Camp 2016
  • We Need Priests



VOCATIO Thumbnail March 2016

pdfMar2016.pdf2.11 MB

  • Ship to Shore: A Ministry of Penance
  •  On the Care and Formation of Seminarians
  •  World Day of Prayer for Vocations




VOCATIO Newsletter February 2016

pdfFeb2016.pdf1.93 MB

  • Changes to the Annulment Process
  •  Running a Successful Elijah Cup Ministry
  •  Seminarian Carlos Rivero: Returning to Our Home
  •  Fr. Tim McKeown: A Missionary of Mercy
  •  Essay Winners




VOCATIO Newsletter January 2016

pdfJan2016.pdf1.39 MB

  • Essay Contest Lookback
  •  The Smallest Spark
  •  Consecrated Life Celebrated in Macon







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pdfDec2014.pdf2.72 MB

  • Vocatio Christmas Party
  •  Vocation Essay Contest Winners Announced
  •  Pope Francis proclaimed the Year of Consecrated Life for renewal, remembrance and hope



 pdfNov20142.18 MB

  • Focus Brings Christ to College Students
  • Priesthood: Living Well and Dying Well
  • SAVO sends Christmas Cards
  • Vocation Essay Contest Draws More Essays
  • Prayer for the Year of Consecrated Life







pdfOct 20141.83 MB

  • Fr. Rudy Tells His Vocation Story
  • Annual Appreciation Supper
  • Thanks
  • Third Fiat in Faith Held October 25


pdfSept 20141.26 MB

  • Fr. Robert Chaney - Son of Savannah
  • Off and Runninggggggggggg
  • Vocation Essay Contest Announced



 pdfAug20141.72 MB

  • We have a Topic
  • Savannah Vocations Member Wins Award
  • Vocations, Witness to the Truth
  • Summit on Vocations to the Priesthood
  • Fiat in Faith



pdfJuly 20141021.7 KB

  • New Vocation Director Named for Diocese
  • Fr. Brett has a New Book Coming Soon
  • Sister Margaret Downing Appointed as Delegate for Consecrated Life
  • New Pastors Appointed, We Knew Them When



pdfJune20141.49 MB

  • Vernon Knight Ordained May 31
  • Catholic Night at the Ballpark

pdfMay 20141.74 MB

  • Officers Reelected for Second Terms
  • Wanted: Essay Topic
  • Savannah Girl to Become Mercy Sister
  • Priests’ gift to bishop comes full circle



pdfApril 20141.55 MB

  • Serving The Lord a Long Way from Home
  • Priests Renew Their Promises at Chrism Mass
  • Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant
  • Vocation Essay Contest Goals and Improvements Discussed
  • Fr. Mark Updates Seminarians' Status



 pdfMarch 20141.69 MB

  • The Melchizedek Project; Vocation Discernment Groups
  • Spring Break in Rome
  • Plaques given by Augusta Ministry



 pdfFebruary 20141.43 MB

  • Father Mark Reviews Current Vocation Situation
  • Vocation Essay Awards Presented
  • In the Footsteps of Jesus. by Fr. Jason Adams
Jan pdfJanuary 20141.97 MB
  • Judging Essays in Augusta
  • Essay Winners – Parochial Schools
  • Essay Winners – Faith Formation Programs
  • Pope to Priests: Those who waste their energy in vanity do so much harm to the Church
  • SAVO Holiday Party

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VOCATIO Newsletter Dec 2015

pdfDec2015.pdf1.92 MB

  • Judging Vocations Essays
  •  Christmas Party Fun!
  •  A Gathering of Sisters


VOCATIO Newsletter Nov. 2015

pdfNov2015.pdf1.87 MB

  • New Holy Hour Location
  •  Augusta Deanery Holds Priest Appreciation Dinner
  •  Letters
  •  Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy





Thumbnail Newsletter October 2015


  • My Faith Journey by Deacon Jerry Clark
  • Appreciating clergy
  • Moms of Priest
  • Essay Contest Update





VOCATIO Newsletter Sept. 2015

pdfSept2015.pdf2.02 MB

  • Hi There! I'm Kelly Williams
  • To Shadow a Priest
  • Send Workers into Your Harvest, O Lord
  • 7th Annual Priesthood & Clergy Appreciation Dinner





VOCATIO Newsletter Aug 2015

pdfAug2015.pdf1.38 MB

  • How I became a Priest by Fr. Brett Brannan
  • St. John Vianey Points the Way in 2015 - 16
  • What is the Meaning of our Seal?
  • Ambiguities about Serra should not discout sainthood, panelists say

VOCATIO Newsletter JULY 2015

pdfJul2015.pdf1.28 MB

  • The Death and Beatification of an Archbishop
  • Discerning a Vocation
  • Thank you Roger and Rita




VOCATIO Newsletter June 2015

pdfJun2015.pdf2.23 MB

  • Bless Our Diocese of Savannah with Many Vocations…
  •  Annual Supper Honors Sems & Clergy
  •  Biking4Vocations
  •  Farewell Brother Robert



VOCATIO Newsletter May 2015 

pdfMay2015.pdf1.3 MB

  • Passing The Gavel
  • A Very Good Shepherd
  • Mary, Mother of Vocations
  • Irish Catholic Bishops Conference





Thumbnail Apr 2015

pdfApr2015.pdf1.74 MB

  • What are you looking for?
  • Thank You Sisters
  • Vocations Summer Camp 2015
  • World Day of Prayer for Vocations





VOCATIO Newsletter Mar 2015 

pdfMar2015.pdf1.79 MB

  • Fr. Pablo's Vocation Update
  • Pope Quotes On Vocations
  • Hello to Everyone in Savannah from Kelly Williams
  • Chrism Mass 2015: Priests Renew Vows, Holy Oils Blessed

VOCATIO Newsletter Feb 2015 pdfFeb2015.pdf1.31 MB
  • New Diocesan Holy Hour booklet makes its debut
  • Vocation Essay Contest
  • Diocese of Savannah holds special Mass to commemorate Year of Consecrated Life

VOCATIO Newsletter Jan 2015 pdfJan2015.pdf1.37 MB
  • Sister Margaret Downing January Speaker
  • Vocation Essay Contest Awards Presented
  • Pope Says He Will Canonize Blessed Junipero Serra In Washington
  • Come Follow Me

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 pdfDec2013.pdf2.01 MB

  • The Ordination of Rev. Lucien Lindsey
  • Over the Edge
  • Deacon Ordained
  • Deanery Sisters Gather


 pdfNov2013.pdf1.64 MB

  • A Journey of Faith
  • News from Chaplain Mark
  • Merry Christmas From Savannah Vocations
  • An Invitation from Sister Donna
  • Producing more essays is a winning strategy



 pdfOctober 20131.35 MB

  • This is Where I Am Meant to Be
  • Vocation Essay Topic Selected
  • Fr. Ross Nails It!
  • Thank You to Our Seminarians
  • Savannah Vocations has Exhibits at Blessed Sacrament and Cathedral



 pdfSeptember 20131.78 MB

  • A Day of Discernment for Womem: Fiat in Faith
  • Priesthood Sunday is Coming
  • Savannah Vocations Kicks off New Season
  • Seven New Players on the Lord's Team



 pdfAugust 20132.56 MB

  • Pope Francis Wows Them at World Youth Day
  • Getting Ready for Rome
  • If you are what you should be, you will set the world on fire
  • Quo Vadis? Where are you going?



 pdfJuly 20131.99 MB

  • A New Beginning
  • New Savannah Vocations Web Site Up and Running
  • Ordination Gifts
  • Changing of the Guard



 pdfJune #2 2013.pdf1.96 MB

  • Ordinations 2013
  • Savannah Vocations Ministry Supports Seminarians
  • Party for the Ages
  • New Pastors Appointed, We Knew Them When



pdfJune #1 20131.48 MB

  • When in the course of human events
  • We are Still Committed to Promoting Vocations
  • Who is St. John Vianney
  • Well done, good and faithful servants



 pdfApril 2013943.81 KB

  • “It was a gift to be called and humbling that the Lord called me to do this work”
  • Fifty Years of Prayers for Vocations
  • Job Outlook
  • Rev. Brian Daley, S.J., receives “Nobel Prize” in Theology from Pope Benedict
  • America's Catholic Church, A National Sanctuary for Prayer and Pilgrimage



 pdfMarch 20131.17 MB

  • Seminarians share the Gospel with college studentsYear of Faith and the New Evangelization
  • Pope Francis’ Coat of Arms
  • World Marriage Day Mass honors Love, Commitment and Faith of Gold and Silver Jubilee Couples
  • Catholic Chaplain to get Medal of Honor posthumously



 pdfFebruary 20131 MB

  • A Life of Service to Others
  • Sede Vacante
  • Essay Contest Winners


 pdfJanuary 20131.56 MB

  • St Anne’s Sweeps Faith Formation Awards . . . Again
  • Thank You Sisters and Brother
  • Savannah Seminarians Join March for Life
  • What can we do for vocations in the Year of Faith?

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